NOT Too Much Information

It was a phone call with a design question. It was a deeply detailed conversation about an ottoman, and it was going to take some time. She had very pertinent questions about design considerations and materials. And unexpectedly, she detoured directly into a personal conversation.

She talked about her transition in life, her new home, and how she didn’t have very much money to spend, but she loved spending it on well-made and beautiful furniture. And most exciting of all, she was about to become a single mom to a 12 year old girl from another state who would need a bed.

I couldn’t resist asking how that incredible choice evolved for her, and she was pleased to share it with me. I could tell she was excited, but her quiet tone suggested she fully understood the enormity of her new life and the fears that come from not knowing. Would they like each other? Would they be close? Would she like being a mom, and would her daughter like being her daughter?

Her new daughter likes to play soccer. That, and her age, is what she knows.

Her new daughter’s room is small. She has never had her own room and often shared a bed. We talked about how to choose a bed that was feminine (but not too little girly) and something that would grow with her. We looked at beds that would be mindful of a budget but still feel like an indulgence for her daughter. She ended up finding the perfect piece on her own, and I was blown away at its perfection for her. The Webster Twin Bed in METALLIC GOLD.



Maybe also royal, athletic, simple, extravagant, or even girly.

Our relationships with our customers are at the heart of our business, and our furniture often joins someone during a meaningful time in their lives. This new mom-to-be talked through all of the most poignant considerations for her daughter’s bed with me. I felt grateful for our conversation and have no doubt that her thoughtfulness will be at the heart of her new success as a mom.