Giving Back the Room & Board Way

Working at Room & Board is quite a unique experience. In contrast to other retailers, our business philosophy encompasses basic, yet profound, human tenets that we call our Guiding Principles. One tremendous example of this refreshing dichotomy between the traditional retail-world and the one fostered by R&B is our stores’ connections to their communities. In fact, each market is given the autonomy to select a vetted community partner with which to engage financially as well as emotionally through volunteer opportunities.

Recently, our team in Atlanta had the privilege of meeting with a representative from our newly selected community partner, Nicholas House. This non-profit, Atlanta-based organization is truly unique in that it serves as a foundation for rebuilding the lives of homeless families, rather than merely “housing” the individuals and issues which have led to their circumstances. Being a part of this effort gives us occasion to celebrate the strengthening of families while taking pride in knowing that not only are the employees of Room & Board part of this revolution against homelessness in our city, but, further, that our company is fully and whole-heartedly committed to the cause as well.

Thus, what distinguishes the Room & Board way of “giving back” is our belief that it’s not merely the monetary value which counts; rather, it’s about building relationships with real people and positively affecting the lives of others while serving as a force of style, craftsmanship and value in the furniture industry. This is only one of the myriad reasons that make Room & Board such a special place to work!