Why the 3-Day DA Role Works for Me

It’s my first blog entry, y’all and I’m not sure what to write about. When I agreed to be a part of the DA Blogging Team, I thought the ideas would spew forth from me like water from a fountain, lava from a volcano or mozzarella from a cheese-stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut. As I sit here in front of the computer, I want to make sure I write things that are worth reading; things that are inspiring for others but also fun for me to write. Seeing that this is my first foray into the Room & Board blog, perhaps a general introduction is necessary.

I have been with Room and Board since September of 2011. I came to the store with very little retail experience, but a love of the product having shopped here for years. After buying a sofa, a dining table, a bed and a mattress, it seemed like a good idea to apply for a job to see what kind of discount I would be eligible for. After researching the company I realized that the furniture discount was just the icing on the mid-century modern cake. I was able to take advantage of the three-day role so I could pursue my other interests (work/life balance, am I right?) but still have the benefits as if I was working here for 40 hours a week. I know of no other company that lets a part-time employee have what Room & Board gives me: health benefits, 401(k), vacation days and, most importantly, a feeling of belonging. Being here three days a week gives me four days to do the other things that are important in my life, like writing my book and blog, working at my other job as a waiter, performing when I can, spending time with my husband and dog, all the while trying to determine the exact amount of tequila that makes me happy happy but not messy happy.

I made a good choice when I applied for this job at Room & Board and the people I work with, both customers and co-workers, reconfirm that decision every day I am here.