We Walk Together


Last weekend, a group of nine Room & Board employees comprised of members from our Boston store and delivery center participated in Boston’s “Walk for Hunger.” The Walk for Hunger is the country’s oldest continual pledge walk and the largest one-day fundraiser focused on alleviating hunger in the state of Massachusetts. The walk is a whopping 20 miles, starting in the historic Boston common and traveling all throughout many quaint New England towns including Cambridge, Newton and Brookline! More than 40,000 walkers and 2,000 volunteers, representing every community in Massachusetts, joined together for the 47th annual Project Bread Walk for Hunger and raised over three million dollars. With Team Room & Board along with a generous donation from National Delivery raising $1,590 alone.

I am new to Boston and relativity new to the company, claiming my one year anniversary with Room & Board in April and approaching that with this fine city in June. I found this experience to be amazing for several reasons. First, those who participated did so willingly and without any compensation from the company. Second, as Design Associates we rarely have weekends off due to high foot traffic in the store on the weekends. Therefore, having such high team representation at 7 am on a Sunday morning, stands as a testament to the strength of the personal relationships created between co-workers. It is remarkable to be in a work environment where employees truly enjoy spending time with each other and will seek opportunities to do so outside of the work place.

Furthermore, to celebrate our accomplishments after the walk, a smaller group of us enjoyed a nice brunch together. In fact, even one of my managers, also on his day off, met up with us at the restaurant. We shared in several laughs while enjoying great food on the patio. These are the experiences one can never anticipate with a new place of employment, yet these are the memories that will stick with me for years to come. I feel so fortunate to be able to say my co-workers are my friends.