Always Planning…

Floor Map

As the Retail Merchant Liaison, I’ve been working with our Visual Associate lately to determine changes in the showroom around our Midyear Introductions. It feels like we just finished our big annual Floor Change, but that was four months ago now! There are so many components and layers that go into this type of planning. We start by brainstorming ideas and then we go back and continually edit and refine. Normally, midyear offers a chance to bring the few new items and covers that are being added to the collection, and then we can also make adjustments to areas needing improvement based on our business sales.

The picture above is of one way we look at the showroom journey in our planning process. Here, we have the fabric swatches for our large living room upholstery pieces laid out. This helps to see how adjacencies between rooms feel and to get a better sense of how a customer might experience the showroom.

We still have a decent amount of work to do and I can tell that, before we know it, we’ll be planning for our big Floor Change again. Room & Board’s overall collection–as well as our showroom–is always evolving. I must admit that there is a sense of anticipation and excitement around seeing what the new products are and being involved in the process of planning and executing changes. There is a forward momentum to this type of work, and we are always planning for the future.