Continuing DA Education

The role of a Design Associate involves constant learning of new products and enhanced knowledge of our core assortment. Every day our team meets for a morning meeting to discuss varying topics. On Sundays, with our 1 hour meeting, we’re delighted to often have a representative from our vendors come to talk about their products and how they came to partner with Room & Board. This allows us to become more connected with the products we sell.

Recently in Boston, we welcomed El Greco with fresh bagels and had an opportunity to learn first hand of their humble beginnings as a Greek Immigrant with a passion for quality furniture making to become the number one American-made manufacturer of baby cribs in the US. We learned how involved the family is in the day-to-day operations and product development. We felt the connection when Alexis talked about the values and commitment to sustainability, safety, environmental concerns and to their employees. After one short hour, the Boston DA team had learned so much more about our partner and of how and why El Greco baby cribs and children’s furnishings became a Room & Board partner.

With so many products in our assortment, being able to make a meaningful connection with our vendors only helps us, as Design Associates, bring that knowledge and passion to our customer.

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