The Customer Experience

Part of the acclimation process for the Design Associate role is participating in a “ride-along,” or a day in the life of our Delivery Associates. Spending a day with our Delivery Associates lends insight to the customer experience and shows us as Design Associates the final interaction of the design process. In the showroom, we start the interaction, set up expectations, provide design assistance and lastly, finalize the order, but we do not have the opportunity to see the whole process come to fruition by seeing our product in the customer’s space.

My favorite aspect of the two months of training at our Central offices in Edina, Minnesota was hands down the “ride-along.” I was thrilled to ride in the middle of two of our Delivery Associates in the cab of our large semi for the day dropping off furniture! It was so rewarding to be able to see everything come to life! Our Delivery Associates are amazing as well. They really work hard in the most literal sense of the expression. They carry heavy pieces of furniture through the most challenging spaces and do so with a smile on their faces. They start early and work until the job is done. They manage to make the process of moving look fun.

What stood out most for me as a new Design Associate was the overwhelming, existing customer base in MN. I mean obviously our Central Office is located there and everything, but it was interesting to see the older Room & Board product customers already owned. And the customers… omg! Our customers are just as passionate about our brand as we are! Several customers gave me a grand tour of their home, while pointing out every Room & Board piece they owned on the way. As someone previously not too familiar with the Room & Board brand, it was so exciting to realize what a following we have and how kind our customer is.

This week, I too got to part take in the Room & Board customer experience for myself. My fave piece from the current Room & Board collection is the Marlo bed! She is a beautiful, upholstered “sleigh bed.” #notbasic After a year of admiring Marlo, I finally made the purchase! Naturally, with a purchase comes the anxious wait for the delivery! Fortunately, I picked the stocked fabric for the frame so my wait time was rather short, only a week lead time. My two Delivery Associates were Jeremy and Christian! They were just as excited for me about my “big girl bed” purchase. In Boston, there are many challenging spaces for our Delivery Associates due to the old architecture of the city. My apartment happens to fall under this category. I live in a beautiful, old, brick brownstone on the second floor. Jeremy and Christian managed to deliver and assemble my new Marlo and mattress with ease.

This experience thoroughly added to my understanding of Room & Board as a whole and my role as Design Associate. I have seen the complete Room & Board customer experience through the perspective of the Design Associate, Delivery Associate and customer. I have never slept better. First, the encased-coil mattress with memory foam topper is amazing… and second, I feel confident that I work for a company in which everyone shares in the same goal to create the best experience for its employees and customers alike. #forthewin