Sharing and Learning

One of the things I love most about working at Room & Board is the environment of support and sharing amongst our coworkers. Being in a non-commission environment already means that there is a great deal less pressure during customer interactions, but it also really allows our team to collaborate more too. One of the ways this registers is in our regular morning education, where topics range from product information, to health and wellness, to philosophical.

watson 2

This morning we spent an hour looking at some of our upholstery collections and talking to each other about the details of the piece (construction, fabric, cushion cores) along with what we usually share about these pieces with our customers. Reviewing products is always useful, but my favorite part was learning how other Design Associates sell. For instance, the Watson Sofa (shown above) has a lot of great qualities. From seeing the vendor who makes this for us (Shenandoah), we would know that Watson is bench-made, has a sinuous coil suspension, and that the fabric upholstery will be very detailed.

watson 1

When we discussed how we talk to customers about this sofa, someone mentioned that they usually remove the side pillows to show an alternate view of how it could look (picture above). Often, I’ve found that people may not respond to this sofa initially from a visual perspective because they aren’t sure about the side pillows. Being able to help customers envision a sofa beyond how we show it in a room setting can be difficult; but, I felt like our talk this morning totally changed how I will talk about the Watson collections in the future. There is always something new to learn here, and great people to learn from!