Mystery Solved

I am going to relay a situation that has just been happily resolved. It is an amazing story of how we engage each other to resolve difficult customer situations.

I have customers who spent a great deal of time trying to choose a Chilton Dining table because each one is unique and has its own personality. After much deliberation a very beautiful top was chosen that pleased both people.

Yesterday, it was picked up and taken home 2.5 hours away. As can sometimes happen, it was the wrong top. I spoke to the customer who was very cool and suspected the right top was somewhere to be found. I e-mailed our Customer Support team who alerted our partners at our Central offices and they started the investigation. It looks like one sku was assigned to 2 tops and my customer received the other one. I was just e-mailed photos of the 2 tops and low and behold the correct top was there. Our partners figured out what had happened and were able to unveil the mystery.

I am so appreciative of how we work together to get an issue resolved. I can now call our customer to let them know we have solved the mystery and get them the top they chose. This collaboration is something that happens frequently and I am always filled with gratitude to work for a company that fosters such positive outcomes to some tricky situations.