Indigo is the New Black


Every day, prior to opening the Boston showroom, we meet as a team for a half hour to an hour to discuss various company-related topics. Topics can range from anything from vendor visits to design ideas to product maintenance. This time is both educational and soothing by providing us time to settle in before taking on our demanding, dynamic roles as Design Associates.

In today’s morning meeting our Merchant Associate, Kent introduced the new 2015 accessory launches for June. Indigo is the new black. I love color. My whole team can vouch for this. Hence, as you can imagine, I am always thrilled when Room & Board branches out from the modern, greige color palette, which is typical of our stocked offerings. I find a pop of color can improve and complete any space, and our new accessory offerings coming early this summer will do just the trick!

We will be introducing a plethora of new accessories in indigo. What is the Room & Board indigo, you might ask? Well, to quote Kent: “It’s a good indigo, the color can go more towards navy or cobalt depending on the setting.”

Here are the top 5 indigo products for the 2015 Room & Board summer accessory lineup:

1) Kori Bins: Made in Rhode Island, these braided, wool bins serve a great idea for cute and functional storage solutions.

2) Limited Edition Robshaw Prints: Returning due to popular demand, these unique wall prints are a perfect coastal accent, especially for our New England fan base. #nautical

3) Galbraith & Paul Linen Accent Pillows: Philadelphia’s famous artists have created additions to our Room & Board exclusive prints, available in the smaller lumbar size and 18” square. These pillows feature a large accent aesthetic zipper that the customer can choose to display. #edgy

4) Eigen Ceramics: Last but not least, these handmade containers are practically and aesthetically pleasing in any space. Show off your new summer floral bulbs and succulents today!

New season, new you. It’s time to update your space with our fresh Room & Board indigo accessories. Remember, indigo is the new black.