Tell Us What You Think

Building long-term relationships is incredibly important within the Design Associate role. One way we are able to measure our customer’s satisfaction is through our “Tell Us What You Think Survey.”

After a delivery has been made, we send out a survey to our customers. We hope to obtain feedback regarding their experience and to give them the opportunity to communicate freely with us.

There is so much to gain from reviewing the survey responses. Often times it is mostly praise and kind comments from our customers. We regularly celebrate these words as achievements that we proudly share with each other! It feels wonderful to be appreciated for our hard work and to know when we meet & exceed our clienteles’ shopping expectations. However, there is always room to grow.

Any constructive criticism also goes a long way. It enables us to learn from our customers’ dissatisfaction and offers us the chance to resolve any issues they may have experienced. Typically this is done through a personalized phone call, which proves to our customers that we genuinely care about their opinion and that we will go above and beyond to improve in every way.

Giving our customers a tool to voice their thoughts and to share their needs helps build invaluable trust and loyalty between us and in turn creates a truly long-term relationship.