DA Design: Room Design with Icovia

While all Design Associates receive immense training in everything from product knowledge to SAP and design strategy, hands on training allows us as DAs to become comfortable and proficient in our ability to help customers. Our Boston team had the opportunity to train up to 8 weeks in our Central and flagship store in Edina, MN. However, once our store opened; we actually had to jump into an array of training that we only touched on in Edina.

Using the Icovia floor planning tool was one of them and for me, it was literally the first week that we were able to actually put what knowledge we had in floor planning to use. I’ll tell you, it was somewhat stressful. I suppose the program came easier to those who are well versed in CAD and even for myself, being proficient in Photoshop, it wasn’t until a customer walked in with a floor plan of their new space that we had to learn under pressure. And that we did.

While I don’t consider myself a master, I certainly can now create multiple versions of floor plans with the furniture items they’re considering and when the customer sees the furniture pieces placed in the plan to exact scale, they suddenly look at you admiringly and amazed! It’s a great feeling to be able to offer this service on the spot. Once an Icovia plan is created, we can print and email it to customers so they have home access to it.

Many companies charge for this service but for us at Room & Board, it’s just one of the tools available to us to create a great customer experience and while we want customers to love their purchases, we also believe in the value of creating that special interaction and making not just a sale, but a connection.