Boston Famous

What does it mean to be R&B Boston famous? Well, fame at Room & Board Boston can look a number of ways. Fame can be being featured as the “Design Associate of the Week” on our internal resource link or a showing of our product on a TV show (the Andre sofa and collection chair appeared in the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of New York City”). The most basic form being literal fame: Well known by others personally, professionally, publically or as a combination. As we approach our one year anniversary as a market, we have been visited by two of Boston’s star athletes. Drum roll please, Mr. Loui Eriksson, right wing for the Bruins and Mr. Julian Edelman, wide receiver for the New England Patriots, and may I add, Super Bowl Champs! #TootToot I have learned as a transplant Bostonian one simple way to fit in is to hop on the band wagon: Buy the New England fan memorabilia, wear the memorabilia always (there’s never a time when a Gronk or Ortiz t-shirt is inappropriate), watch the games or as I have learned at least just read the highlights in the Globe the following morning. Boston sports makes for an easy conversation starter with any Bostonian. Thus Eriksson and his wife and daughter received a passionate greeting when they walked into the Boston showroom. Eriksson and company ended up purchasing some powder coated pink and gold accent hooks for his daughter’s bedroom. Edelman and his girl friend stopped in and tried out a few of our most popular sofas, including one named in honor of the opening of the Boston market, the Easton. Edelman has yet to finalize his purchase, but he sure made for some excitement in the showroom. We can only hope that good old, Tom Terrific Brady will stop by with the flawless Gisele sometime soon. Stay tuned. #12 #hateuscauseyouaintus #freebrady