Queen of the Day: Miss Spalted Sugarberry


It’s that time of year at Room & Board when we have mid-year introductions. This is when new pieces of furniture are introduced to the world like a debutant at a ball. Each  creation is gently pushed from the nest to see whether or not it will take flight, soaring across the grey skies of the Room & Board horizon.

Today I met the new sofa called Harrison and he looks like a combination of our best-selling York and the not-as-popular Knox. It’s as if the two sofas put on a Barry White record, poured a couple of glasses of Boones Berry Farm and 6-8 weeks later Harrison was born. Harrison made his debut in a stunning ensemble of Briar Charcoal fabric and a matching charcoal leg. His tailored piping gives him a clean line and the elegant leg makes him ready to make any room look more airy. All that was missing was a Ford chair to complete his room setting.

I thought Harrison was to be the beau of the ball. That is, until I saw the real star of the day: Chilton Table in Spalted Sugarberry. When I first heard her name, I had visions of every sugar-coated cereal I had for breakfast as a child; Coco Puffs, Sugar Smacks, Fruity Pebbles, etc. But when I saw Miss Sugarberry in the flesh, she took my breath away in the same way that Lucky Charms can do if you save all the marshmallow bits for one last hypoglycemic bite of fructose goodness. Miss Sugarberry has a modern look to her with her pale wood and dark lines zigzagging across her surface like a pair of fishnets on a sallow leg. Yet, somehow, she still retains her rustic charm with her live edge.

Miss Sugarberry knew she was the one that everyone would be clamoring over this June. Even Harrison could see that he was in second place on this mid-year introduction day. He stood there in her shadow as she soaked up all the glory. Her half-sister, Chilton in Cherry, shot her a look of envy and then we went on to hear about other mid-year introductions like the Braden chair and ottoman and Jasper in the new fabric of Tepic haze. It was too late, though. Miss Sugarberry was queen for the day.