Like a Boss


Last week the Boston showroom held a public event honoring the craftsmanship of one of our local New England vendors, Lyndon. Lyndon Furniture is located in Vermont. #maplesyrup Founded by Mr. David Allard, Lyndon has held a successful partnership with Room & Board for many years. Mr. Allard was unable to attend the event, but members from his team conversed with our attendees about their quality product and design. We have many amazing vendors at Room & Board, hands down; however Lyndon is incomparable to the rest in my mind.

Lyndon makes most of my favorite pieces from our current collection, including the Chilton table. If I was asked to describe the Chilton in one word, it would be boss. There is really no other way to describe it, but if you needed further elaboration, well I guess I would define it as a solid slab of sanded and finished walnut wood with a live edge, braced with maple, butterfly joints for extra support and steeze, if you will. #notbasic The Chilton is one of a kind, literally. No two tops are the same. You can even select the exact top you would like straight from our website. Why? Simply because Room & Board and Lyndon are awesome, but also because of the unique qualities of walnut, the tables vary slightly in size and design. If you are a boss or act like a boss or hope to be a boss in all aspects of life, you need the Chilton table, emphasis on the verb need. You don’t have to be Beyoncé, Brady, or even Frank Underwood to agree. #likeaboss