What’s My Design Experience?

Being a Design Associate requires first and foremost, a passion for design. But is a formal education in design necessary to become part of our team? The answer, as always at Room & Board, is in the grey.

As Design Associates, we each have our own strengths and talents and while we may share many of these, we like to use our primary strength to support each other, our product and the customer.

Design Associates have diverse backgrounds and work experience. As a result, we can offer our customers a different perspective on the creative aspect of furnishing your home. Some of us have a specific background in interior design while others have experience in furniture construction: knowledge of wood and its characteristics or in fabric: fibers, weave & dye process. Here in Boston, we also have DAs with an architecture background. Regardless of what our primary design strength is, we collaborate with each other to give the customer the best advice to make the best purchasing decisions.

I recently had a customer who wanted bold color and pattern blended together. I honestly had a difficult time pairing together patterned, upholstered furniture pieces with a colorful rug. So I called on another DA whose background is fabric, textiles and design history. She was able to assist the customer much better than I in this specific area. I joined in the process to learn and the customer was able to find just the right look for her room.

The customer’s experience was a fantastic one and after she had gone, the DA was able to work with me to show me how to blend colors and patterns that I would not normally be comfortable doing. So thanks to our different work history, education and strengths, our customer was able to have a team, not just a Design Associate help her create not just a furnished room but a beautiful space.