The Excitement of the New


As I write this, our new Midyear introductions will go live on our website tomorrow and we will be getting most of our new upholstery pieces in the showroom the day after that. Midyear introductions are usually on a much smaller scale than our annual new assortment introductions which happen after Christmas. Still, staying on top of changes to our collections at this time of year can be a challenge to those of us planning on what to show and where to show it, but this is easily balanced out by the excitement of seeing new pieces come into the store.

It can be difficult to tell what an item will really look like from an image. For instance, we already have our new Streeter Floor Lamp as shown in the picture above. It replaced a discontinued lamp that was floor sampled a couple of weeks ago. I was so happy to see this when we installed it because it looks and feels so much better than I had anticipated from the pictures. Room & Board has been working to develop more of our own exclusive product in the lighting category with our vendors, and I think this particular piece is a clear win. Not only does the Streeter Lamp feel substantial and look great, but it also offers a lower price point than the other, comparable styles of large floor lamps we already offer.

Our team is always happy to see the new products arrive as it keeps our assortment fresh and up-to-date. (Personally, I’m most excited about a new sofa/sectional collection called Harrison that I think will really resonate with our customers.) However, one of the things I most appreciate, is that our company always makes a conscious choice to work with American manufacturers whenever possible–and if our buyers aren’t finding existing products that align with Room & Board’s vision, we’ll collaborate with our vendor partners to see if we can develop something ourselves. We aren’t afraid to create new items based on a company initiative, or feedback from our Design Associates and customers, or a need that our Product Teams have identified. I love that!