Showroom Maintenance the ATL Way!

Working in a beautiful environment like Room & Board is inspirational in so many ways for staff and customers alike, so it is no surprise that maintaining our showroom is not an easy feat. Because of our love of and appreciation for our store and its beauty, we employ truly impeccable standards to ensure that we remain as in awe of our surroundings as our guests. From fluffing cushions to washing our display stemware to collaborating in order to find the perfect accent pillow, we spare no effort to uphold our aesthetics and design philosophies.

In Atlanta, we recently had the opportunity to witness our commitment to our visual code of ethics in action. Admittedly, it was simultaneously inspiriting and rather amusing when one of our Design Associates literally crawled under a bed to tuck its sheets. To expound, our display linens must often be tidied to maintain the clean, crisp R&B look. Well, this particular Design Associate took it upon herself to go above and beyond (or in this case under and beyond!) to do so. Naturally, I couldn’t resist taking a photograph.


While it’s clear that we not only adore our showroom and have great senses of humor, this act profoundly relates to the core of our company, and can be summed up by this quote from our Guiding Principles: “We need to provide for ourselves and those we love. That’s the very basic premise that brings us to work each day. But beyond the obvious economics of work, we believe that our endeavors should have meaning.”

What a perfect illustration of finding meaning in your work…no matter the task!