Mid-year changes

This year we have quite a few mid-year changes which will mean some physical moves in the showroom. We have already received the Jasper Sofa upholstered in a new fabric and the Delia chair, also in a new fabric. We are expecting 2 more new sofa frames since we have decided to drop the Stella and the Camilla mid-year. We are also constantly moving our room settings to give greater inspiration and interest. These new additions will add a new flair to our collection and our customers will see something fresh.

We also have added some new fabrics to our collection and part of my job is to make sure the hanging samples are placed in the Design Centers. My partner and I order the cuttings that we give to our customers to help them decide what they want to order. We also order the swatch books that are placed throughout the showroom so customers understand what fabrics go with what frames. As a Design Associate this is one of my secondary responsibilities within our store.

With all the mid-year changes our Visual Associate re-writes the floor plan that is changing and often engages a few Design Associates to help her in the process. We are all invested in presenting our showroom in the most beautiful and engaging fashion.