Saving Lives

As Design Associates, I’d like to think we save lives everyday. Although we are certainly not finding the cure for cancer or ending world poverty, we are making an impact and some would even argue, saving lives…at least in terms of design. Our customers come to us with all sorts of dilemmas, especially our local Boston clientele. First, we are faced with the challenge of physical fit. Old, New England, colonial homes, period. I mean these buildings haven’t changed since Paul Revere romped through these streets via horse and lantern. #RIP Tangent: Literarily though, heels in Boston? Just don’t. The historic cobblestones will do you in, and texting and walking, that my friends is pure skill. #faceplant #freedomtrail

New England architecture: walk-ups for days, lack of elevators or loading docks, conflicting ancient furnaces, and the world’s narrowest “two-way” streets. Then there are the customers’ desires: “I really want a sectional to lounge on and watch my boys (typically, the Pats or B’s), but my wife wants something more modern/ formal for her Monday night Bachelor viewing parties.” “I would like this ten drawer solid walnut dresser. An elevator is not an option, and the only way to enter the building is through this hobbit sized door.” “I would like to buy my dream table, the Saarinen (solid marble, oval dinning table), and I have a ten story walk-up.” We face these conversations in the showroom daily and leverage our partners and tools to find solutions and if you will, to “save the day.”

However, last week six of my colleagues and I had the opportunity to learn how to actually save lives. The real deal. A member from the Red Cross came to our showroom before store hours for a CPR/ first aid training lesson, and yes, folks, we all passed. #withflyingcolors Compressions, back blows, rescue breaths and all. So, the next time you faint from the pure beauty of our Callan chair or the flawless detail exhibited in the Chilton table, we’ve got you covered. Defibrillator onsite, makeshift breathing barriers at the ready and a 7 out of 22 percent chance that one of us is working and able to bring you back to good health or at least call 9-1-1. So continue on using your energy towards creating impeccable spaces in which to live your lives, and leave the CPR/ first aid to us. #safetyfirst #savinglives #cantstopwontstop