We are the Orson Family


The Orson is the longest standing sofa collection at Room & Board. Hence, it also is the most traditional in design. It continues to be recovered yearly and remains in our top sales charts monthly. It’s really an artifact for Room & Board. Thirty years old and counting, as old as our fine company and has experienced more years on this earth than yours truly. However, despite its many years of recognition, the Orson is frowned upon by most Design Associates purely due to its lack of modern design. It’s certainly not a statement piece like Miss Sabine, stainless steel legs, covered in luscious blue velvet or Dr. Wells, camel leather with back cushion tufting and a flawless wooden sleigh leg. Thus, I was embarrassed to admit that my parents enthusiastically purchased the Orson sofa for our home in Colorado. I advised against the decision throughout the whole process, recommending our “more tailored” options, but ultimately as with any customer, they were the ones that were going to be living with the piece. So despite my passionate commentary, the order was placed and successfully delivered to their residence in Edwards, Colorado. Why weren’t they interested in the petite scale and amazing detail exhibited in the Reese or the mid-century look of the Anson? Were we really an Orson family?! Woof.

Fortunately, I was able to celebrate America’s independence with my family and as a result, the Orson. #merica I am shocked to admit that I was pleasantly surprised. The Orson is great. The high back cushions and deep seat paired with the soft down cushions create a super comfortable sit. Our 115 pound, Bernese mountain dog, Leo also seemed to agree. Over the week, I thoroughly enjoyed several hours in the Orson. I cried watching the US Women’s National Team destroy Japan in the World Cup, laughed viewing How to Train Your Dragon 2, and enjoyed several episodes of Mad Men. #Netflix After fully experiencing the Orson for myself, I am proud to say, yes, we are an Orson family. Your jaw may not drop like a surprise sighting of Brady or Beyoncé, but your body will definitely thank you. #noshame #hatersgonhate