More Product Knowledge

ProductCharadesOne would think that after spending a couple of months training in SAP, our inventory control and point of sale program, and getting to know  our product, we would have all we needed to know down pat. But the reality is our products are changing all the time, so we really need continuous updating.

Our major assortment introductions occur on December 26, but we also have mini intros at mid year and sometimes in between. Therefore, we’re constantly learning product names, vendor manufacturing methods and materials. As a result, we try creative ways to remember it all.

Since we’re currently introducing our mid year collection, we had a showroom scavenger hunt to learn the location of pieces in the store, as they are constantly moved around the showroom. The scavenger hunt focused on the smaller, harder to remember items such as lighting and artwork. For a half hour before opening one day, we laughed our way up and down our 5 floors to find these obscure pieces.

Last week our design team in Boston paired up to play Product Pictionary to help us learn the names of the new pieces. It was great fun learning about furniture pieces through the creative and artistic skills of another. The second day play had us all in stitches especially since the last item drawn was supposed to be “Steve the Turkey.” Steve the Turkey wasn’t a chair, as we were guessing. Steve the Turkey is a member of our delivery team who was nicknamed such after Thanksgiving. I guess we should pay more attention to the happenings with our partners at the Delivery Center so next time we’re not stumped at the tie breaker!

Coffee, bagels and Pictionary: How a Design Associate starts their day at Room & Board!