Will You Fit In?

What does Room & Board look for when we are hiring new employees? Everything & anything! There is no cookie-cutter mold that you have to fit into.

Different personalities are encouraged, different work experiences are accepted and being you is celebrated.

It’s fascinating to work with a team that is so diverse. We are constantly learning from each other and embracing our broader knowledge.

My career background is one of many years working in hospitality. I’ve pretty much worked in every department of a hotel.

Some of my colleagues have work experience in the following: fashion, art, hairdressing, personal training, nursing, make-up artistry, flight attending, ceramics, life/health coaching, architecture and of course interior design.

We truly are a mixed bag! However, having a passion for design has brought us all to Room & Board.

If you believe you can provide an exceptional customer experience, have the ability to build relationships and are solution-oriented, we will accept you with open arms.