New Pillows

At Room & Board we have a “mid-year” floor change where new furniture and accessories come on the floor along with new fabrics and covers on existing frames. As a Design Associate, I love these changes that come twice a year because it freshens up the store.

This year a new color, “indigo,” was introduced in pillows, accessories, rugs and artwork. The question for us was how will we incorporate these new items and this new color into our existing products?

One of our Design Associates created a design exercise where she had us pick one of the new limited edition or one-of-a-kind artwork groupings and a specific sectional. We were given 15 minutes in pairs to pull together new and existing pillows, accessories and rugs in “our room.” Well, not only did we have fun “playing” with the new and old items, but in the end we were able to share ideas with each other and actually see how it all looked. I am including some photos so you can see what we came up with!

We continually have education in our daily meetings, which provides us with the knowledge we need to be successful and therefore provide the best customer experience.

IndigoPillows1     IndigoPillows2