Changing the Way Customers Shop

Since entrepreneurialism was born, there was a belief that competition creates a healthy business atmosphere. This may be true for business in general as the old saying goes, only the strongest and best will survive, but competition isn’t always in the customer’s best interest. Due to decades of aggressive tactics by sales personnel of all trades, customers often tend to shy away from being approached when entering a store. Well, just as Uber is changing the way people get around, Room & Board is changing the way people shop.

Design Associates are salaried employees who work as a team and are there to support one another to create the best experience for the customer. Visitors notice almost immediately when they enter one of our showrooms that something, although they can’t quite put their finger on it, is different.

Simply being in our stores is calming, soothing, and enjoyable. We, as Design Associates, can see when customers are on-guard during their first visit but when shoppers don’t encounter the expected sales tactic or gimmick, they instantly let out a deep sigh of relief. Being  greeted with a sincere smile and a genuine “Hello and Welcome” with no pressure, is when customers learn that non-commission-based sales allows them a certain level of comfort as soon as they enter. They are free to ask anyone any questions without feeling like they must only work with one person. It’s then when it becomes clear as to why the atmosphere here is unique, making it a pleasant place to come, browse and shop.

Just as Netflix changed the video rental business, Room & Board has a distinct business philosophy which is changing the way customers feel when shopping for furniture and hopefully, changing what customers everywhere, will come to expect.