Harrison Ford


Harrison Boss Ford. #HBF Renowned actor and film producer. Most famous for his role in the Star Wars trilogy as Han Solo and title character as the man, the legend, in the series Indiana Jones. Most can’t hold a candle to Ford’s success or fame, sorry Cait. #callmecaitlyn There’s simply no comparison.

Generation to generation, Ford’s acting continues to crush the charts. Just like Ford’s acting, design is serious. At Room & Board we are assisting others in creating beautiful, stimulating spaces in which people live their lives. How is anyone going to make a difference in the world if they are not inspired by their surroundings? Yaaas.

So obviously what is known colloquially as the “Harrison Ford room” at Room & Board Boston is no joke. The pairing is on point, folks. I mean when you name drop Harrison Ford, it better be epic.

Our Merchant Associate and Visual Associate teamed up to create this product pairing for the new intros this summer. The simple, heathered Briar charcoal fabric and elevated almost spindle leg of the Harrison sofa paired with the inviting cognac leather Ford swivel chairs is flawless. Comfort meets style, a statement for sure, but not pompous (as we all know success requires time) just as the name implies.