Time to Reflect

It’s the time of year when we reflect on the first half of our year, and partner with our Leadership Teams to discuss our goals and expand our performances. While this may sound like a fairly standard practice—commonly known in the industry as a performance review—at Room & Board, unsurprisingly, the process is quite different not only in name—Priorities and Measures—but holistically in nature. Rather than the typical by-the-book review of numbers and performance “ratings,” at Room & Board we pride ourselves on reflection and partnership. That is, whether an individual wishes to learn a new a skill, enhance an existing one or grow into a new role, our leadership teams encourage our autonomy in self-directed growth.

Given the special nature of this process, Atlanta did something a little different this year: each associate was given a gift card to our favorite ice cream shop (all hail Jenni’s Ice Cream!) and 1 hour of free time away from the showroom for reflection. As a result, we were afforded a luxurious hour to ourselves…and ice cream (personally, I went all the way and got the Salted Bourbon Ice Cream Sundae)! What a tremendous example of our philosophy regarding work-life balance.

Further, being encouraged to employ and granted the opportunity to exercise such a level of autonomy over our roles and sought after guidance ultimately aligns with Room and Board’s intention to create a “rewarding and deeply satisfying work experience [ice cream and all].”