The Roots of our Design

Education is a constant at Room & Board and it really helps us with our customer engagements.

This week we are looking at the roots of where our furniture inspiration comes from. One influence is “Mid Century Modern” (1933-1965).

There were a number of designers that we have drawn inspiration from but we focused on Paul McCobb who lived from 1917 – 1969. Some of the pieces he influenced that we offer include the Berkeley media piece, the Reese sectional (The Dick Van Dyke Show), the Lola chair, the Louis chair, and the Grove Office Armoire. It was fun to see our pieces side by side with these designs to compare the similarities and the differences.

It struck us all that when our clients say that we are so modern that actually our designs are influenced by history, from the Egyptians to Bauhaus to Mid Century and more. Here is the Lola Chair example.


Paul McCobb original


Lola by Room & Board







I feel like I am back at college with all that I learn!