Do merchants narrow their profit margin when having sales?

Prices guaranteed through November

Prices guaranteed through November

It’s Back to School, it’s President’s Day, it’s Labor Day, it’s just about any excuse to have a sale! Sound exciting? Does it drive traffic? Do customers benefit from it? As with all things Room & Board, it’s in the grey. These are many questions that the marketing industry has debated, analyzed and experimented with for decades, however here at Room & Board, we have a different and unique philosophy on our product pricing: Honesty.

We believe in offering customers highly-crafted furniture at price that is attainable by all. We carefully invest our interests in the well being of our vendors so that they’re able to grow and nurture their business as well as continue to develop their relationship with us. Our commitment to quality goes beyond the bottom line but rather is guided by true pricing where we don’t mark up, just to mark down. We don’t adjust or discount our pricing but rather price a product so our vendors can maintain producing our product and grow their business; where we can still operate to support our infrastructure and still be able to invest in the future. Instead of creating new “deals” to draw customers in, we focus on production efficiency, sustainability and responsibility to our economy by producing products in the US and all the while, keeping our costs to reflect our philosophies.

Each year, Room & Board re-evaluates our product pricing and guarantees those prices for the entire year so that when you enter any of our 15 locations, visit our website or call Shop from Home to make a purchase, your Design Associate can easily and sincerely tell you what the true price is without having the pressure to promote the current gimmick of the day. And that makes the experience stress free as you will know that it’s an honest price.