What’s the hoopla about the end-of-year Floor Sample event? Isn’t that a sale?

Each year, our price guarantee runs through December 24th. When FloorSamplecustomers shop at Room & Board, they can feel good about our honest pricing. It’s how we do business. We don’t mark up to mark down and we don’t play the gimmick game to entice customers in. But since we’re still a relatively small company that partners with small vendors, we can quickly make modifications to our assortment. This allows us to make changes to product lines quickly based on sales and customer feedback. These changes result in both selling our floor samples and clearance of these items.

Our primary assortment introduction is done in January of each year so as of December 26th, any items that will be discontinued or will undergo changes for the next year, often will be placed on clearance. Our loyal customers wait patiently for this yearly event and know that on December 26th, our website will have a large number of clearance items. Also, any item leaving the showroom floor will be discounted and tagged for our annual Floor Sample sale.

Customers are often lined up prior to our opening hour on December 26th in anticipation of being able to purchase an item at a discount, but while these pieces are marked down, this sale is strictly for furniture pieces that have been on our showroom floor for the entire year and may have some signs of wear. It’s important for our Design Associates to talk through with customers exactly what it means to purchase a floor sample and all stores are staffed to the maximum for this event to assist customers.

Last year, here in Boston, the Floor Sample event was still a well kept secret, but this year we anticipate that it will be a much larger event and could even become Boston’s new equivalent of the “Running of the Brides.” This was a yearly Filene’s Basement Department store event where all wedding gowns were sold for $100 each. It was a buying frenzy where brides-to-be would queue up and literally run into the store to purchase gowns for an amazing price. Sadly, this ended with the closing of Filene’s Basement but will forever be remembered as a unique event in Boston’s history.

Whether or not our Floor Sample event can rival the “Running of the Brides,” it will certainly be a “must do” event for Room & Board customers as it will be the closest thing to a sale event we’ll ever have. Our Design Associates will be on hand to assist customers with their purchases and to inform them that unfortunately, do not sell wedding gowns.

running of the brides