Overall Wellness for Employees is a Priority and it is Good for our Customers, too!

I started at Room & Board a year ago this month, so I have had a year to understand and appreciate our truly generous and different (for retail) holiday and vacation policy. The policies are generous and “talk the talk” of how they understand that for our total “wellness” we need time away from work to rejuvenate and how that contributes to the overall “10 Customer Experience” we strive to provide.

As I was looking for other opportunities before starting at Room & Board, I was consistently told that working every weekend was part of the “deal.” When you work full time at Room & Board you are given one weekend off a month. I feel so blessed to work retail and still be able to make weekend plans with my friends who are not working in retail.

Where most companies offer two weeks of vacation time a year, we are given three weeks. This is very generous and I can see in my own performance and attitude how having time away from work contributes to the overall positive experience (for the employees and for our customers) that we strive for at Room & Board.

And last but not least we are paid for 6 holidays each year.

I love my work at Room & Board and I love the feeling of being appreciated for the work I do through our generous holiday/vacation time policy. Thank you Room & Board!