Don’t Be Nervous, Be at Their Service

Boston Tea Party

For me, the statement that comes to mind when reflecting on the Massachusetts Tax Free Weekend is simple, “don’t be nervous, be at their service.” A phenomenal quote to say the least, using the fine words of my esteemed colleague, Mr. Ricardo P. in reference to Mr. Snoop Lion or perhaps you may know him formally as the Snoop D O double G. Tax Free Weekend for the State of Massachusetts declares all purchased items $2,500 and under, delivered to locations with a Massachusetts zip code, to be tax exempt. Folks, MA Tax Free is like Black Friday for MA Room & Board customers. As we all know, Room & Board keeps its prices set for the year with no sales, so Tax Free Weekend is the one time a year when our customers can save a little extra. Now a sale of 6.25% would seem like peanuts to most, but with larger orders, removing the tax can really make a huge impact.

Now readers, this was not our first rodeo. This was our second MA Tax Free Weekend as a location. Last year, to recap, our Boston store had been open a mere two months before taking on the highly-anticipated Tax Free Weekend. We broke company records with the highest amount of sales ever in two days as a market and location. The first Tax Free was epic; one for the books. However, this year we even out did ourselves. #toottoot We utilized all our partners and knowledge from last year and perfected our planning so that this year, the holiday would run even more smoothly. With the help from our Central partners at Shop From Home and Web, and one of our favorites, Design Associate Robbie V. from New York, we were able to break our own record. Yes, I think it’s safe to say we passed with flying colors. #hateuscauseyouaintus

I write this from the second floor at Room & Board Boston on the Monday post Tax Free Weekend. Do I feel like I have been hit by a bus? Yes. Do the words Tax Free make my left eye awkwardly twitch? Yes. Is my Nike Fuel Band broken due to the extensive amount of steps made over the two days? Yes. But, am I proud of all our accomplishments as a team? Most definitely. Once every 365 days is just right, and now we can start planning for next year. #toosoon