Brace Yourselves. Fall is Approaching.


With Labor Day behind us, everyone will now cast their eyes to the season of fall which is fast approaching. Just a couple of days ago at Whole Foods, I saw that pumpkins had made their annual pilgrimage from fields across America to cardboard boxes that now sit in my way as I push my cart thorough the narrow aisles. Gourdes of varying shapes and sizes remind me that summer is over and we are soon to be besieged with the colors of burgundy, orange and burnt umber. In addition to that, everything will be pumpkin flavored. This country, and particularly retail environments, love fall. Although our new collection is several months away, the autumnal feel in the air has encouraged me to reimagine what Room & Board could be like if we embraced this season as so many other stores do.

“Welcome to Room & Board. Isn’t the air crisp? And speaking of crisp, would you like some warm apple cider? It’s fall, doncha know! And if you don’t like apple cider, I can make you a pumpkin spiced latté! Or perhaps you’d like some pumpkin bread. Anyhoo, I can’t wait for you to see our new fall collection. We have the Orson sectional covered in Voroto Pumpkin and we have paired that with a Quinn chair covered in Holtz Rust. It’s simply screams ‘autumn’ and I love it. We also have the Sabine sofa and we have covered that in the Mila Spice fabric and you will see that with a Callan chair in Sunbrella Canvas Orange. I love that room because of the Mahal Tangerine and Mohair Ginger pillows. So orange, so seasonal! If you’re looking for something a bit more subdued, I can show you the Ian in Tegan Spice and it also stocked in Tatum Spice and Schulz Spice as well. Speaking of spice, do you want some spiced chai? No? But it’s so yummy at this time of year. Okay. My other favorite room setting is the York in Vance Pumpkin and it’s next to a little tiny Slim table in Orange and on top of that table is a Shirley vase in Marigold. It’s adorable. On the second floor you will find everyday dining and kids and right now all we have up there is two dozen Leo stools in orange, 10 Sabrina chairs in orange and a Moda twin over full bunk in orange. Oh, and about a hundred Jewel Bud vases in orange. Welcome to Room & Board and welcome to the best season of the year!!”