Pallas Blog, Reblog


As Brand Liaison I work with developers to create model units that showcase our product in their spaces (see my 05/15/15 post, A Model’s Life). It’s a very enjoyable part of my job in that every project is different, with different requirements.

We’ve recently installed two units at a development called Pallas in North Bethesda, MD. It’s a great location with an urban vibe in what’s usually considered a more suburban area near DC. As part of this installation, I was asked to write a blog about our design concepts and why we chose what we did for the units.

While this could seem daunting – to write a blog for publication on a well-visited website – I realized that my experience writing for the Room & Board Design Associate blog, this blog, has given me experience in doing just that…..writing blogs for publication on a well-visited website!

I think that’s the fun part about your experiences at Room & Board; you start by doing the things that interest you and often later find that they’ve given you experience and expertise in an area that you never really thought would be part of your job description. I think that’s a great way to grow professionally.

With Room & Board, I’ve now written over a dozen blogs and have a body of work that expresses my point of view and writing style. Pretty cool I think.

Now without further ado, here’s a link to my original blog for Pallas. As far as blogs go, I think it turned out well.