When we say we are “Dog Friendly”


Folks, I think I found my spirit animal. This Sunday in the Boston showroom, Mia the dog graced us with her presence. Yes, Room & Board is a pet friendly company. As with anything Room & Board, this concept is considered “in the grey.” How have we seen this exhibited in the Boston showroom? Well, instead of tying their dog to a nearby tree or post, dog owners will simply continue on their morning/afternoon walk through the showroom. After all most of our rugs are 100% wool, meaning naturally stain repellant, durable and easy to clean. Our floors? Also resilient, stained in house, end grain wood, duh. The record breaking 2015 Boston winter had nothing on those babies. #OregonLumber

I mean who wouldn’t want to walk along the historic Charles River, down scenic Massachusetts Avenue and take a pit stop at Room & Board Boston? Why not stop in and grab a complimentary water and dog treat, enjoy the wonderful central air, and try out a sofa or two?! We have seen dogs of all sizes. I am partial to the Bernese Mountain dog sightings of course, having grown up with three during my time in Colorado, but I settle for the Huskies, Labs, and I guess, French Bulldogs will do. 😉 Mia the Golden, however was on another level. Mia thought the Holden, Orson, Sabine and Hutton were all her dog beds, and nice, American-made ones at that. When I asked her owners if I could document this experience, they replied, “sure, she won’t mind.” Mia had more poise than Nick Jonas at the VMAs up there in front of the camera. Total pro, as if I wasn’t even there. Friendly to the touch, suave when necessary and certainly, not basic. All I could ever want in a spirit animal. Mia the Golden, my new furry BFF.