American Made Matters!

Did you know that 95% of our products at Room & Board are American made and this has been the philosophy since we started over 30 years ago? I tell all my customers because American made matters! When we purchase these products we are supporting Americans at work.

Our vendors are smaller companies all over the country (Vermont, Oregon, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania and more). These smaller companies have dedicated artisans creating, assembling and finishing your furniture. They employ talented people who cherish wood and love to build things for a living. These people touch every inch of a piece before it leaves the workbench.

You can read about our vendors on our website by going to a product and finding the “Meet our Craftsmen” section on the middle right side. When you purchase from us you have a personal story about your piece that is intriguing and interesting.

As a salesperson I have confidence that my customers will have quality products that are beautiful and will last for generations.