Never, Ever Wear White After Labor Day….


Socialites insisted that to be appropriately attired, one did not wear white after Labor Day. It’s a tradition in these parts. The holiday suggested that the day ushered in the cool breezes and foliage of the New England Autumn season. Pay no attention that Labor Day does not actually coincide with the lunar phases that determine seasons, nor does it mean that cool weather has arrived but what it does do, is give every New Englander a painful reminder that Winter is just around the corner. And that it’s time to get back to work and school.

At Room & Board, Labor Day is a holiday, one that is joined by several others and offered to us as part of our benefit package. Some holidays mean we either are paid double time if you work on the actual holiday, or you are scheduled a paid extra day off if you don’t work that day. If you’re a 4-, or 5-day-a-week Design Associate, Room & Board offers employees six paid holidays and luckily, Labor Day is one of them! Even our 3-day Design Associates enjoy three paid holidays a year.

Along with Room & Board’s philosophy of offering a workplace that is friendly, positive, trusting, non-competitive and respectful, a work – life balance is encouraged. Time off and schedule flexibility is a part of that philosophy and a valuable benefit offered.  Working a rigid schedule with little or no time to rest, travel or spend quality time with family and friends lends to a state of mind that is not conducive to a happy existence, therefore, Room & Board encourages employees to use time off to regroup, re-energize and revitalize so that they may return to greet our customers with a genuine smile and aura of positive energy.