How Nice is This?!


Photo Credit to BCL.

I am continually astounded as to how we as employees are treated at Room & Board. In most jobs you are lucky if you are recognized for anything positive, but boy do you know if you have done something that wasn’t ok.

One of our Guiding Principles at Room & Board is “Respect and Relationships.” “Respect is foundational to our work environment. Everyone is expected to build relationships based upon mutual respect and collaboration: with one another as peers, as well as with our customers and vendor partners.”

2015 has been a stellar sales year for our store in part because we have a team of Design Associates that work together to make sure every customer is greeted and followed up with while they are in the store. We communicate often during the day with “There is a couple in the back, have you spoken to them?” or “I am working with that gentleman and now he wants to browse.” etc. This means that we are servicing our customers for the “10 Customer Experience” expected at Room & Board.

The other day our manager emailed us to ask what our favorite “Little Shirley” color was and we wondered what that was about. Come to find out he is giving each of us a gift of a “Little Shirley” in appreciation of our great year!

This is in addition to him consistently letting each of us know how much he appreciates “this or that” that we do. Thank you Steven!