Individuality need not apply…..

Tattoo Girls

When seeking employment with a company many often wonder “what kind of people will they hire?” “Will I fit in?” It’s often that very fear that prevents folks from applying to jobs that they think would be amazing or to companies for which they really would like to work. So what stops them from moving forward with the application process?

Room & Board has an atmosphere of complete inclusion. They accept you for who and what you are. In turn, Room & Board expects team members to embrace their Guiding Principle of respect. So anyone can be kooky, out of the ordinary, unusual or not “mainstream” and still will have a feeling they “belong.” With so many different personalities and backgrounds, everyone has a uniqueness that others eventually find is the very essence of what makes us who we are. Imagine if we were all the same? How boring.

Here in Boston, we have a motley crew. Each has their own story and although we’re different from one another, we have learned to accept and embrace these precise differences. Take the issue of tattoos. Some companies wouldn’t hire personnel with tattoos or if they do, the tattoos cannot be visible while working. Not here. If a tattoo is how one wants to define oneself, that is okay with us. A few of our Design Associates have them and while I personally don’t, I can appreciate the story they tell and what it means to that person. Michelle has many stories about her life expressed through her tattoos and Brittany recently decided to submit to the ink as well. It’s a love story of sorts, about her first Room & Board purchase. I got a good laugh when I first saw it. Her tattoo is a replica of the Eames rocker that she so dearly loves.

Now that is a conversation piece and it makes Brittany and Michelle…..well, unique! And we love them for it!