Behind the Scenes at Central

I promised I would share more about my visit to our Central offices recently. One of the areas I find the most fascinating is the Photo Lab. The work they do here really has so much influence on how our brand comes across to our customers, and to us as Design Associates. Our website is such an important tool for us to find product information, and much of that information is about what an item looks like.


So here’s a shot looking down one of the aisles of shelves that have products stored for use in the Photo Lab. It was interesting to see all the different table bases in every size and finish on the right hand side and then all sorts of different table tops in various materials and sizes on the left hand side.


Almost every single specific product is photographed by itself for our website and/or catalog. I’m so familiar with seeing images of our product on the website against a white background, but here is a peek into what exists beyond that white background in the photographs!


Another view of a different stage setup. So much hard work and planning go into building a room setting and layering in accessories in our store. I can only imagine how much more happens with building out the walls and flooring ahead of time too, and then also potentially the post-production work on the images to get them ready for publication.


A peek behind a wall! The images of furnished room settings in the catalogs provide a lot of inspiration for our customers. I also love to reference these types of images on our website when working with customers to see what collections are paired together–they always help give me more ideas. It is amazing to think that the room settings beings photographed are right here in the Photo Lab at Central. All the work that these teams do pays off, because they really feel like they are photographs of rooms in an actual home.

As a Design Associate in a showroom, we’re here on the front lines, working directly with customers to create beautiful spaces in their homes. This was a great reminder for me of all the folks who are busy making sure that everything runs smoothly and that we have the necessary tools to accomplish our daily tasks. As more of our customers are also shopping from our website, the work done here in the Photo Lab has an even bigger impact on our business, especially for someone who may never even come into a showroom or speak with a Design Associate. And I know that I sure reference our website for information every single day. Thank you to all of our many behind the scenes teams!