Training Staff Throughout the Company

At the Edina store we have been very busy training a number of new employees for a few months now. The Minnesota economy is very stable and we have a low unemployment rate and people seem to be comfortably settled in their  jobs. That said, we are fortunate to have added quite a few new Design Associates to our amazing staff. We are a growing company and we have also trained new employees for Shop From Home, Business Interiors and have done shorter training sessions with folks from the Web and IT teams.

I especially love my role as an education facilitator because I get the opportunity to get to know a lot of our new people. It never ceases to amaze me how talented and creative the people are who we hire. Training also makes me take a deeper look at the topics I am training on and I tend to realize how much more there is to learn about what we sell. There are certainly times when our new co-workers have information that escaped me. We continue to learn from each other at all times. Our respectful environment means being open to each others’ special contributions to the whole team. I love being able to convey who we are to our new co-workers.