What is a Community Partnership?


Our market is currently in the final stages of selecting our Community Partner! Since we’ve become more established in Seattle over the past three years our showroom has been open, it is now time for Room & Board to determine who we want to establish a more formal charitable relationship with here. But what exactly is a Community Partnership? Here’s a bit from Room & Board officially:

At Room & Board, we believe community involvement is an important part of our overall wellbeing. That is why we support organizations in the communities in which we live and work. We look for partners that have a direct impact on our business and whose values and philosophies are similar to ours. Our focus includes organizations with a commitment to strengthening homes and families, institutions with a passion for art and design, and environmental organizations that support our commitment to sustainability.

I really love that this is an important focus for our company. The company’s Wellness Manager was here a few weeks ago from Central to do some site visits with teams from both our showroom and our local delivery center. They visited the three local non-profit organizations that have been selected as finalists for our market to gain a better understanding of the work they do and what opportunities are available for our teams to help make an impact in the future, whether through donations or volunteering directly. This week, the store team that participated in the visits shared what they learned in our morning meetings with the rest of us (see photo above), so we can determine who we want to build a relationship with moving forward.

The selected non-profit will receive a grant from Room & Board for two years, which of course helps them in the work they are doing. But beyond that, what I love is the thoughtfulness that goes into finding a partner that the individuals in our store and delivery center can also find ways of connecting with. All three of the organizations we are considering do great work, so the choice is tough! I’ll be casting my vote this week, and then I look forward to the future opportunities our team will have to give back to our local community.