I Can Turn the World on With My Smile

Watch out, Minnesota! I am coming for you. After four years of working for Room & Board, I am finally getting the opportunity to visit the Central office, or “campus” as everyone calls it. I hope it is called a campus because of its sense of unity, education and the existence of a quad. I hope it’s not called a campus because upon arrival I will be expected to share my SAT scores and then I will be hazed by senior members of staff who will make me drink PBRs and do hundreds of push-ups.

While I am looking forward to putting faces to all the names of the people I have been corresponding with the last four years there are other things I am looking forward to even more. Although it will be exciting to see pieces of the new collection and finally witness this mythic photo lab I have oft heard spoken of, there is still something that is more exciting. I am not speaking of the gym or the cafeteria or even the possibility of seeing John Gabbert in his natural habitat.

The classic television show The Mary Tyler Moore Show was set in Minneapolis/St. Paul. From my understanding, there is a statue somewhere commemorating this wonderful and iconic program. Somewhere in that fair city is a statue of one Mary Tyler Moore who is tossing her hat into the air with eternal glee. It shall be my goal to find that statue, take a picture of it and post that photo to every possible form of social media. I shall make that happen! Mark my words!

I will be arriving on Monday, October 19. Look out, Minnesota! I’m coming for you.