Stepping Up the Customer Experience with iPads

iPads are in, all systems are a go. Room & Board Boston is tech savvy and on point. #pinkiesup This week we received 24 mini iPads, equipped with all the tools necessary for success in the Design Associate role! Luddites? Please. These include Room & Board- specific apps, such as “CW” custom window, Room & Board catalog in none other than HD, and “R&B Room Planner,” our space planning program. We also have access to the common features of the iPad. Yes, Facetime and selfie mode, just incase you have that customer that needs a more visual aid…Big changes in the house, folks, BIG changes. Now the tricky question remained how to hold the mini machine? Fortunately, after some trial periods in our other locations, our Central offices decided to move forward with the “Native Union” case. This case is no joke – fully rotatable, handle if necessary, and handgrip for those extreme moments. Demo on a proper flip and rotate for cushion maintenance? Fear not, the Native Union case has got you covered. Sleeper sofa mechanism roll out? Sure, all day. You never have to break an interaction with these babies. Naturally, our nation’s hero, Sir William Stephen “Bill” Belichick also uses this case, as seen in this week’s deflategate redemption over Indianapolis. In other words, just call us the New England Patriots. #freedbrady #sucessandnothingless #hateuscauseyouaintus