Store Events Bring Joy!

LittleMissAnnStore events are energizing for us as well as our customers. Recently we had Little Miss Ann, a children’s songwriter/singer, come to our store to perform. She has performed at other Room & Board stores including Washington DC and Chelsea.

It was such fun to see a gathering of 40-50 people (mostly children) all being entertained. Little Miss Ann had the audience dancing, singing and counting along. My children are grown, so I wasn’t familiar with her music, but it is quite well known. Her songs are fun, relevant and educational.

Along with the music we had a table for arts and crafts, and handspun cotton candy in crazy flavors. We offered coffee, water and delicious fall-decorated cookies as well. And for the adults we had a $500 gift card raffle. I have to say that the cotton candy in particular was enjoyed by all.

Seeing the end result of the arts and crafts projects was inspiring. The big hit was all of the stickers, feathers and jewels the children had an option to use. It was a joy to see the children carrying their art creations so proudly.

We had a number of customers who just happened to come in and didn’t have children, enjoying the concert and cotton candy as well. And I have to admit, I was secretly dancing along with the music.

These events create an energy and excitement that everyone shares. You can find out about store events by opting in to our emails.