Floor Change 2016 is Coming and the Excitement is Building!

Post-itsIt might just look like Post-it notes on a sheet of paper to you, but really it’s our upcoming store design.

Every year in January all of our stores go through “floor change.” Room & Board Vendor Merchants collaborate with our suppliers and designers to create new furniture and new fabrics. Our Visual and Merchant teams spend months determining the best floor plan for each specific store based on sales and the store layout. They decide where to insert the new while preserving our “hot” items and considering the color, scale and style. It is a daunting task with so much riding on it since it will stay in place for all of 2016.

Once the design is finalized, the fun starts for the Design Associates! During our daily meetings we are guided through the floor and get to imagine the new arrangements of furniture, rugs and accessories.

The only downside is that we get so excited about the new products we can’t wait for January. Well, actually, I am not one to rush time itself! So let’s enjoy the fall, the holidays and let January come as it does!