Time off, a break, a fresh perspective…. Is sometimes just what you need


We are very fortunate here at Room & Board to have the opportunity to do what we love. Our showroom is a beautiful work environment. We work as a team; we enjoy sharing our passion for design with our customers and making lasting connections. Every day I come to work, I feel a sense of relief to be able to shelter myself from the world outside and focus on only beautiful things. It’s a utopia of sorts, one could say.

In addition to our great work place, Room & Board offers full benefits even for part-time workers. It’s a rarity in today’s business environment. Things like insurance and 4o1(k) plans are very meaningful tools in our quest to provide the best for our families. Recently, my college sophomore daughter became ill and had to go to the emergency room for care. It was scary for her but being able to provide that assurance of coverage gave her (and me) tremendous peace of mind knowing she would be cared for. Aside from just the insurance, we have the opportunity to prepare for our financial future by putting a little aside into our 401(k) accounts, where Room & Board generously matches our contributions (a discretionary match based on company profits of up to 50 percent of our first 8 percent). Younger folks need to start now in planning retirement and older ones, need every chance to secure peaceful senior days. Our schedules are flexible and with our many paid holidays, we often have opportunity to slip out of town for small getaways.

If that was not enough, every Room & Board Design Associate is offered 3 weeks of paid vacation time their first year of employment, which is simply unheard of here in the US and honestly, it was a huge deciding factor in my considering the position as a Design Associate. I’ve always had the freedom and flexibility to group days off together so that I can travel. I have family and friends all over the world and it’s important for me to be able to see them often. The vacation time for me is simply another wonderful aspect of working for Room & Board. It fuels my passion for design as well as travel. It also allows me to refresh and regroup. As Martha Stewart says often, “It’s a good thing.”