Color du Jour

I am always a bit mystified when customers (seemingly en masse) start asking for something new or a bit different than what they have been shopping for. Allow me to explain. At Room & Board we are amazing at knowing and offering just the right piece of furniture or color for our customers. We really do listen and try to be responsive to the shifts that occur in customers tastes. Lately, at the Oakbrook location we are starting to hear from our customers about brown. Do we have any browns? (A hearty “yes!”) What is available in brown? And do our browns work with all of the greys that are still out there? One of the things I often tell clients is that when we come out with fabrics on our upholstered pieces, we often choose colors that move in several color directions. Our neutrals (be it greys, browns, taupes, creams, blues, etc.) all play really well with each other. Its nice to see our clients relax when they hear this. They no longer have to fear spending good money on something that is a passing fancy. Good design (and good color) is just the opposite. Its venerable and trustworthy while still allowing room for something new. Greys layer in with beautiful browns just as autumn layers into winter. Ah yes, Mother Nature, she’s still the best designer out there.