What company gives staff members iPads?


Photo credits: BCL

So WOW! Room & Board has given each Design Associate an iPad to use in the store when we are working with customers!

Our store was one of the last to get them and I only say that because while the rest of the company is comfortable using them, we are still working it out.

How can we use it to be helpful with customers? We can read email, look up finishes for customers, look up pricing and configure sectionals, print tear sheets, and find sizes and pricing information. It really is a wonderful tool that makes the customer experience more seamless.

We also need to think about how it appears to customers if we are on our iPads. You know how you see a family at dinner in a restaurant and they are all on their iPhone and not talking to each other? Well that is not the feeling Room & Board wants to portray when customers come into the store. So we are adjusting to the balance of how to use them to enhance the customer experience and not detract from it.

We are also faced with the fact that now we not only have a phone to carry but an iPad. Like right now I am trying to remember where I left mine…

And with all of that, the benefits are amazing as long as we use it in the right way!


iPad “Do”



iPad “Don’t”