Customers say we have modern furniture, but do we?

It is interesting that our customers come in and say “I love the modern furniture!” or “This modern design mixes well with my traditional pieces.” But guess what? Much of our “modern” design comes from the past! Our Product team takes inspiration from many places, including past furniture designers.

Milo Baughman lived from October 7, 1923 – July 23, 2003 and was one of many American modern furniture designers. He worked with a number of well known furniture companies including Mode, Widdicomb, Arch Gordon, Henredon and most notably Thayer Coggin. Many of his original designs are still in production and are highly sought after.

Our Delia chair and our Jasper sofa are close relatives to his original designs. (See the images below.) From the viewpoint of our customer, it is a reminder that what we think of as modern is from the early 1900s. From the viewpoint of the Design Associate, it is a lesson in Furniture History 101 and we can feel proud to continue the great tradition with American manufacturers.


Milo Baughman Sofa


Room & Board Jasper Sofa


Milo Baughman Chair


Room & Board Delia Chair